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Most homeowners aren’t counting down to their next roof replacement, but it’s an inevitable part of owning a home for any length of time. Our roofers in Hanover, MA are standing by to help you when the time comes for your property.

In the meantime, here are some signs your shingle roof needs to be replaced:

Buckles– Once your shingle roof nears the end of its life (after around 20 years or so), you may notice a vertical pattern of buckles up and down your roof. That’s a rather telltale sign that it’s about to need to be replaced.

Missing shingles– Most often, this type of damage occurs during a storm. You might not notice for some days or even weeks, but you’ll find granules or shingles on the ground (perhaps under the gutter spout), or see patches on your roof where shingles used to be.

Bald shingles– Are your shingles missing their “grit?” If so, it’s time to get an inspection to make sure your structure isn’t at risk of serious damage. If the granules are washing off in the rain or wind, that leaves your roof susceptible to sun damage, which leads to other problems.

Curled corners– This is one of the more serious signs of damage to your shingle roof, and you should call for an inspection right away should you notice these. A lot of homeowners don’t realize the severity of curling shingles and let it slide by for a while. It often means there is serious damage to the underlayment itself, or other parts of the roof.

When you’re ready to install a new shingle roof, it’s way easier to just do it right from the start. That way, hopefully you won’t have to even think about it again for another decade or more! We offer free on-site estimates on new roofs, just give us a call to schedule yours.

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